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Coating Removal

Are you worried that a coated floor surface in your home or business is starting to look worse from wear, it may be time to look for a coating removal company to get rid of it for you. Getting rid of epoxy or another coatings laid onto the floor is only possible with an experienced crew on your side. If you are tired of the floor coating currently in place in your home or business, Flooring Removal Services can help with affordable and effective coating removal services anywhere in the South Florida area.

We can help get rid of floor coating in your home or business in a short time frame, contact South Beach Floor Solutions for your next concrete job!


Before we start work, our crews take steps to protect your property from damage and dust. We put down reinforced aluminum ramps to protect floors and doorways, as well as sheets of plastic to stop the spread of dust across the property. With these protective pieces in place, our crews start work on the coating removal. Using state of the art removal machinery, we get rid of most of the floor coating. The sharp blades on this equipment take off most of the coating, leaving only a small amount behind. Any parts that remain are removed using angled hand tools, which let us reach into the corners and tight spots. After the coating is all gone, we take grinders to the concrete surface. This gets rid of any thin set left on the concrete. With the floor clean and smooth, we get started on the cleanup process.

Our crews load any debris into one of our removal trucks to be taken away for recycling. We use vacuums to get rid of the dust and air scrubbers to neutralize dust particles in the air.  This leaves your floor ready to have another surface placed whenever you are ready. The whole process can take a day or less, and requires little to no effort from you. We take care of the entire job from start to finish.

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