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Concrete Coating Removal

In order to apply a variety of applications to a floor any existing coating will require removal. The processes of polishing concrete and applying epoxy coatings, as well as a list of other applications, require the removal of any existing coatings, paint or other substances covering the floor.

Depending on the desired application, a surface profile (scratch pattern) may be required to achieve bonding to the surface. This is where coating removal and surface prep play a vital role in ensuring the quality and longevity of any surface application.

Every floor has different properties that determine the approach to removing a coating. There are a few approaches that can achieve proper coating removal. High-pressure water jetting, chemical stripping, abrasives and machine grinding with special tools are potential options for the removal of coatings. Again, which method is used depends on the substrate below the coating, it’s properties and the level of preparation required. Generally, delicate surfaces require a delicate approach and more resilient surfaces require a more aggressive approach.

Surface Preparation

Once any existing coatings are removed preparation of the surface can take place. Surface preparation is dependent upon the application that will follow. Coatings can require rough grinding that leaves a specific surface profile (scratch pattern) to ensure proper bonding with the concrete floor. Other applications may require a less aggressive scratch pattern.

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