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Concrete Overlay

At South Beach Floor Solutions, we’ve spent over 30 years perfecting our concrete overlays. We take great pride in installing the most realistic looking stone coating on the market and that starts with our time-tested process.

Every floor begins as a seamless surface with continuous stamped texture. The customer can choose to have a grouted pattern like brick, cobblestone, river rock, tile, and more. Our installers draw the chosen pattern on the floor and then hand-cut the grout lines. The unique colors are also layered on by hand creating the appearance of depth and a natural stone appearance.

Durable and Beautiful Concrete

Beyond beauty, your floor needs to fit into your lifestyle, supporting high traffic areas and standing up to everything your family can throw at it.  That’s why all of our textured coatings have two coats of abrasion-resistant sealer with a non-skid feature that produces a tough, easy to clean surface.  Plus, any project installed by our professional, licensed stamped concrete contractors comes with a lifetime warranty, giving you the peace of mind you need to stop worrying about your flooring and start living on it.

South Beach Floor Solutions provides The Best Quality Overlay System

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