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Pool Spray Deck

When the surface of your pool deck is not as appealing and functional as it used to be, pool deck resurfacing can renew the look and improve its function without replacing the entire slab.

When it comes to improving or enhancing a Miami FL swimming pool deck, there are many options out there from different price points. However, decorative concrete is one of the most preferred because of the many perks it provides.

Safe and Slip-resistant – Both stamp and knockdown texture coatings provide enough slip-resistance to make the pool deck safe enough to walk on even when wet. As for stained concrete, we apply a sealer with fine abrasive to make the surface a bit safer from slips and falls.


Design and Color Choices – Wouldn’t it be fun to have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to designing your pool deck? Why restrict yourself when you can make better choices with decorative concrete. You can choose from different stamp patterns, such as ashlar, brick, flagstone, fractured slate, tile, wood, and more. As with colors, acid stains offer earthy tones while water-based stains also offer pastels and many other colors you could mix and match to acquire the desired look on your pool deck.

Durability – The coatings and overlays we use come only from the top manufacturer of decorative concrete products. It is guaranteed to stay durable and stunning despite the many harmful elements that the pool deck encounters.

Affordable – Compared to other materials that are used to replace or cover up a concrete pool deck, decorative concrete is, by far, the cheapest and most reliable. It makes use of the existing slab, cutting down on material cost. The work is less tedious than that of replacing the entire slab with a new concrete mix, thus, cutting down on labor cost.

Eco-friendly – Restoring concrete helps lower the carbon footprint produced when new concrete is manufactured. It also minimizes the amount of concrete waste in landfills.

Cool Surface – A pool deck is one of those outdoor spaces where people could walk barefoot. However, most paving materials absorb heat, making it feel like walking on flames. With a spray texture coating, concrete surfaces are kept cool to the touch, thanks to its heat reflectivity feature. Instead of absorbing heat, it reflects it back to the air, keeping the surface cool enough to walk on comfortably.


The texture and color make it more attractive than plain concrete. Topping your deck with a new coating and color makes it more durable and provides a beautiful nonskid surface. There are many choices to choose from, however, choosing a color for your deck inspired by nature and made up of deep hues compliments a natural landscaping environment.

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