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Why Should You Use Urethane Coatings for Industrial Floors?

Urethane is one of several different coating types that can be effective in an industrial workplace. A urethane-coated floor is perhaps the most common of all alternatives to the standard epoxy flooring system.

Although these two floors can look similar when new, they perform very differently.

Urethane is a synthetic, crystalline compound found in a variety of products. Outside of industrial environments, it is also used to seal decorative concrete and stone. It is an organic plastic, extremely resistant to wear and abrasion, and usually used as a topcoat.

Aside from flooring, urethane is desirable for improving the lifespan of certain industrial materials. It is especially useful for stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, and for strategic metal equipment that is situated indoors.

Get Your Urethane Coating Application from Expert Industrial Painters

Although urethane and epoxy share some similarities, they are quite different. Application is one way that urethane stands out. Expert industrial painting contractors should be engaged every step of the way in planning, applying, curing, and maintaining your industrial urethane coatings.

South Beach Floor Solutions has over 30 years of experience with painting projects in industrial environments. Our team members understand how coating and substrate properties interact, ensuring you get the most durable coating every time.

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